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Give thanks

During November, many of us are noting daily gratitudes.  I thought I might take a few moments here to post some what we have to give thanks for of late.  I know I have gritched and moaned about CCSS and the lack of leadership at the very top levels.  However, there is sitll much to note that is good and positive.

1.  I am grateful for all the teachers who are fighting the good fight, who refuse to be test prep people but elect instead to be folks who continue to bring real books into the classroom, who read aloud, provide time for reading in class, have vast classroom libraries, keep current in reading the new books, and generally make sure kids see them reading (and writing).

2.  I am grateful for all the librarians (both school and public) who build collections based on the needs and interests of their patrons, who keep current in the field by reading voraciously, who create displays to show kids what is new in the collection, who know the value of the new forms and formats and technologies. 

3.  I am grateful for the administrators who have set as a priority creating a reading climate in their schools.  They are finding funds for the purchase of books, they are encouraging their teachers to attend conferences (last week's YALSA Lit Symposium and the upcoming NCTE conference next week), and they are also reading.

4.  I am grateful for parents who do everything to make sure their kids have access to books.  They take them to the library and the bookstore.  They ask their kids abut what they are reading; they read together as a family. 

5. I am grateful to authors who write incredible books that draw readers into the world of the story or write compelling nonfiction that informs and entertains.

6.  I am grateful to the publishers who not only put out the product (books) but make sure they get out to those who will review them and write about them and talk about them.  One of my favorite things to do at conferences is to visit publishers and see what is coming out, to listen as publishers talk about their books, in effect, hand selling books.

And I am so grateful that next week I get to hang with some of the smartest folks I know at NCTE.  For those of you unable to attend, we will tweet and post and blog. 
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