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Numbers and Words

Funny how on Election Day, I managed to spend some time tracking down numbers myself. I am working on the speech I,will,give to open the ALAN Workshop. I was making some statements and thought it might be good if I had the data to back me up. Thanks to search engines, I found the facts easily. 

That then freed me to read with my eats and read the first chapter of a book using Subtext. And I read a chapter in a "real" book, too. It was a trams media, multimodal kind of day. I know my university students  get the chance to do this. So, I hope this is something that is actually trickling down to the kids and classrooms.

Many of us are preparing to gather in Vegas soon for NCTE. I hope to connect with some classroom folks interested in doing some work with audio books. I will do some presentations on apps and other literacy tools, too.

But I will pack books to take along and pay to ship books home, too. And I know there will be lots,of book talk in snatched conversations in halls. Because it is not about one path to literacy and reading. It is about showing kids all the different paths they can take without fear of getting lost, except in a book of course.

I know I am rambling. It is late. I am still road weary. Maybe tomorrow will find a more logical post. 
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