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Flim Flam

I want to post this link once more: and encourage any of you who have not seen this brilliant post by Christopher Lehman to go back and read it and SHARE it.  Lehman puts it all down on paper here: how there are other "experts" who are playing the 47% game with education.  One of the things I have noticed of late is the commercial by an oil company that, on the surface, seems to praise the work of teachers.  There is, however, a slightly less noble underpinning that cries out to me.  The commercial talks about how good teachers can make the difference in the lives of kids.  Yes, absolutely.  I am a teacher thanks to some of the wonderful folks who taught me.  I am an English teacher for the same reason.  And I am a college professor due to other role models.  However,  this commercial suggests that it is the one thing we can invest in that makes sense:  teacher education.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!  You see we have to invest in more than just teacher education (and please keep corporations out of higher ed).  We have to invest in kids and schools and books and all that, too.  Every time I hear a politician suggest that they cannot just throw money at the problem, I want to get a bullhorn and ask them to please TRY throwing some money.  Throw some money into schools that provide the only nourishment a kid might get.  Throw money at the schools who provide prom dresses, dental care, haircuts, child care, and so much more for their students.  There are schools who are doing just that.  Throw money at libraries (we do know the effect of librarians and libraries thanks to Keith Curry Lance's studies) and make sure all schools have libraries and librarians (certified ones, please).   Throw money at schools who only are able to offer half day kindergarten or who do not offer transportation to and from extra curricular events. 

You see, I think it is flim flam to suggest that we can "fix" education (and that is the tag line of this commercial) simply by educating teachers.  We need so much more. 
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