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books as therapy

Nope, not talking about bibliotherapy here.  I think using books for therapeutic reasons is best left to those who are trained in counseling and working with psychological issues.  What I mea here is that books are therapeutic for me.  Some people might turn to movies, TV, and other media.  I hear that wine can help sometimes (grin).  But when I have had a rough day (seems most of this week has been that for some reason.  I suspect part of that is because deadlines are all looming at once and other things keep getting added to my plate), I turn to books at different times during the day to lower blood pressure or make the crazy world disappear for a while.  I took time this afternoon to sit and read all of the F&Gs (for folded and gathered, ARCs of picture books if you will) that Scholastic was nice enough to send me (how did they know I would NEED them today?).

And so, after 10-12 books, I could feel my shoulders begin to drop from around my ears, the tension began to leave my neck.  I laughed at the antics of the princess puppy and searched for the hidden objects in the Walter Wick pictures.  I tapped my foot to the rhythm of the poem that talks about a highway rat, and heaved a sigh of relief when the ducklings were pulled unharmed from the storm drain.

Tomorrow I fly from here to Richmond, Virginia, for the VATE conference.  I have a book and my iPod loaded with audio plus some books in e format as well.  I will use these to ease the stress of travel.  Thank goodness for books and their power to calm, to elicit a giggle, to evoke a tear, and ultimately to take me out of "reality" and into a book if only for a short while.  I love this sign. It speaks volumes for those of us who are lifelong readers.

lost in book
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