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once more from the habitrail

Sunday (right, it is Sunday?) dawned early with a brunch with Scholastic where Tracy Mack and her husband, Coe Booth, Jordan Sonneblick, and Jim Murphy read from new books or, in the case of JS, a WIP. It was lots of fun. Afterward, I had every intention of going to the exhibit hall but instead sat and talked with Don Gallo and CJ Bott. As we were chatting, various people came up and joined us for a time: Bev Chin (former prez of NCTE, Jerry Harste (ditto), Ellen Wittlinger (who I FINALLY got to meet, cool). We missed the exhibits totally.

Two receptions this evening brought readings from Trudy Krisher (FALLOUT, see earlier blog) and Ed Sullivan who has a new book on the Atom Bomb coming out in early 2007. Then, on to the ALAN reception with luminaries like Gail Giles (check out her blog where she recounts her tumble from a Segway), Ed Bloor, Chris Curtis, Julie Ann Peters, Cynthia Leitich Smith, Greg Leitich Smith, and publishers like the McDreamy Angus McKillick and the lovely Victoria Stapleton.

Dinner with Random House was yummy. Christopher Paul Curtis and I shared our love of capers. Elise Broach and Tammy Pierce railed against AR and lexiles with great encouragement from me, of course.

Now we are back "home" and it is sleeting outside. ALAN begins bright and early tomorrow at 8 am.


Pooped Goddess
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