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National Day of Writing

Today we celebrate the National Day of Writing.  I celebrate writing (and reading) every day.  The power of the written and printed word echoes from the blogs, postings, status updates, emails, and other communication that flows from one to another to another. wy do I write?

1.  I write because it helps me sort through my thinking.  As I draft and revise and edit, my thoughts become clearer and focused.  An idea that was relatively unformed is taking shape.

2.  I write because it assures me I am not alone in what I do.  When I post to this blog (or the other one: i reach beyond the walls of my office to others who are connected to kids and books and reading.

3.  I write to share my thoughts with others.  I think it is the sharing that might be paramount to the writing I do.  Knowing someone else will read it, respond to it, and perhaps take issue with it guides me as I write.  I want to be certain that I am communicating clearly and completely.

How will you celebrate this day?
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