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scratchings from the habitrail

Today went from 7 am until just now when I returned to my hotel after a lovely dinner with Penguin Putnam. The ALAN Breakfast was tasty--not the food (I refuse to give the disgusting details) but the speaker, Naomi Shihab Nye. WOW, there is no way to tell you all how wonderful and inspiring and genuine she was. She spoke in her eloquent yet soft spoken tone about books and reading and the thread that connects us all. We laughed and wept and then leapt to our feet to cheer her at the end.

Lunch was another terrific time with Dr. Giles and Dr. Bird (after we found a restaurant that was open for lunch). We ate and talked about books and teaching the jobs and writing. Lunch was followed by Kylene Beers' Middle Mosaic with Smokey Daniels, Jim Burke, Yvette Jackson, Poetry Alive, Linda Rief and your humble servant.

After that it was on to dinner to listen to authors read from their works: Tom Barron, John Ritter, Elise Carbone, Sarah Dessen, Paul Volponi, Brenda Woods, and John Green. Now I am sitting here trying to digest before flopping into bed.

Cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.
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