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E Is for Easy

One of the national office supply stores uses an EASY button in its advertising to demonstrate how its products and services will make our lives easier.  It would be nice, I agree, to push a button, and take care of the onerous tasks we sometimes have to face in our day-to-day lives.  Sometimes I wonder if that is the thinking behind some of the most egregious elements of CCSS and other mandates.

Don't read much?  EASY!  Use these lists we have been nice enough to put together.  We even called them EXEMPLAR texts (and to my mind this is like all the wonderful interjections on bottles of detergent).  Need more books?  EASY!  No need to bother yourself by reading books.   Use web sites (AR, Lexile, etc.). 

Don't do much writing yourself?  EASY! Here are the activities and strategies you can use.  Never mind actually writing yourself.

And this is what came to mind recently when  read about Secretary Duncan's latest brain child:  eliminate textbooks and replace them with eBooks.  EASY!  Well, not so much, I fear.  Every time I read of a new advance in technology or another wonderful program for iPads or netbooks or mp3 players my first thought is about ACCESS.  I work with some schools where access is almost impossible.  Once kids leave school there is no internet access available to them with EASE.  And even inside some schools, access is problematic what with filters and such.

So, if you see some snake-oil salesman (and some of our colleagues are suspiciously close to this of late) selling materials to make CCSS EASY...
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