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Small Moments

Under the heading of "it does not take much to make someone's day," I have enjoyed a couple of those small moments that make more than a day.  You know the ones:  the kid who comes back after the weekend with book in hand telling you it's the first good book he or she has ever read and you are AWESOME!  I had one earlier this week when a friend told me she met a former student I had when I was teaching undergrad who still raved about my class.  Wow, that will keep me going long after a day of grading and dealing with emails and the like.  But here is a small moment that needs to be passed along.  One of the assignments I give my YA class is to get a Twitter account, to follow at least 10 people, and to lurk during at least two sessions of #titletalk.  This arrived in my email Inbox yesterday:

"I also really enjoyed title talk this last Sunday on Book Talks, this is what inspired me to do a book talk about Wonder to my students during advisory time. I'm glad to say that I'm passing the book to the librarian and library aid at our school, as they wanted to read it after I talked to them about it. "

Thanks Donalynn and Colby for hosting #Titletalk.  Thanks for giving this student who wants to be a school librarian one of those small moments.  And thanks WONDER for touching some other lives, too.
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