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Defy gravity

I dragged my BH to Wicked last night.   I think we was a little disappointed at the idea initially.  But after the opening number, we was hooked.  He raved about the show, the voices, the production.  While I had not see the show before, I had read Greg Maguire's book and knew some of the songs (Popular, Defying Gravity). What moved me even more, though, was that Elphaba was fighting to ensure everyone has a VOICE.  What a perfect metaphor as we head into Banned Books Week.  Lucky me, I get to celebrate tomorrow from the New York Public Library, too, as I join with some other bloggers and educators for KidLitCon 2012.

Banned Books Week is our time to defy gravity, to join those who fight for the freedom we have to read what we want and to speak up (SpeakLoudly) about it.  Eve Bunting's picture book, TERRIBLE THINGS is an allegory of the Holocaust.  As various animals are rounded up, the other animals stay silent.  At least, they think, we are safe; they are not coming for us.  Of course, eventually, all the animals are targeted.  Now there is no one to speak up.  This works well for BBW, folks.  We ight not care much when the censors come to take away some books.  We think, "so who cares if we lose AND TANGO MAKES THREE (though we should)? We can live without FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY.  Ditto other titles in which you do not have an investment.  However, if we let the censors take away ANY book, it diminishes our commitment.  SpeakLoudly instead.  Fight for every voice, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem. We have much to defend.
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