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25 September 2012 @ 01:50 pm
Who are you? Who? Who? Who? Who?  
“Kids don’t remem­ber what you try to teach them. They remem­ber what you are.” – Jim Henson, who would have turned 76 today

After spending the morning wrestling with tech issues and mounting email queries, I took off and had a lovely lunch with my BH.  I returned to work feeling lighter (though fuller), and then I saw this caption under a FB posting about Henson and the Muppets.  It is such a fundamental truth, isn't it? 

I have been out to dinner with my friend Lois and, time after time, a wait staffer will come to the table and point to her and say:  "You were my librarian when I was in high school.  Man, you were awesome.  Remember that time you..." and launch into a recollection of a booktalk or an author's visit or just the time Lois had taken time one day to sit and chat about a new brother or sister.  They remember HER for who she IS.

I know that if I were a student in a school with a Colby Sharp, I would remember him for what he did the very first day of class.  I would remember the librarian who shared all those books with me, like John Shoemaker does.  I woujld remember being able to write on the book wall Mrs. Miller made for me.  I would fondly recall sitting in Room 407 and listening to Mr. Hankins read me his latest blog posting.  I still recall Sr. Melanie, my sophomore ELA teacher.  I loved her so much, I invited her to my 16th birthday party (and she came!).  And the reason I work so hard is because I want to be one-tenth the person Dick Abrahamson is.  I aspire to be 1/100th as smart as Kylene Beers. I want to be half as energetic as Sandy Hayes, or even a smidgen as organized as Franki Sibberson or a tad as tech-savvy as Sara Kajder.  And the list could go on and on. 

So, take heart, as I did, from this lovely piece of wisdom from Jim Henson.  Be YOU.  That's a good place to start.
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