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The taker

Carly's dreams of going to Princeton are shattered when she calls to get her SAT scores. She aced the writing portion, no problem there. But the other two tests, well, let's just say community college is looking better and better, Carly promises to get help to prepare for the next administration of the test. Ronald is a willing tutor, but Carly's father wants her to enroll in one of the classes offered by a former member of the College Board even though Carly things he is a letch. Enter the mysterious TAKER who offers via text and email to take the test for Carly and score high enough to resurrect her dreams of Princeton. Will Carly be lured in?

J M Steele's novel has a wicked sense of humor, some terrific tips for surviving the SATs and not a few things to say about the pressure wielded by schools, parents, and peers about getting into the right college. High school kids might just find some comfort within the pages of The Taker.

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