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more goodies from the 2012 ALAN workshop

Here is the line up for Tuesday afternoon. I have already made reservations at home for a Thanksgiving buffet, so I plan to return home Wednesday, sleep, and then take credit for making excellent reservations on Thursday.

1245-1:20 Dystopias

Mike Mullin, Ashwinter, Courtesy of Tanglewood

Alaya Dawn Johnson. The Summer Prince, Courtesy of Scholastic

Isamu Fukui, Truancy, Courtesy of TOR

Marie Lu, Legend, Courtesy of Putman/Penguin

Chaired by: Karin Perry, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX

1:20-2:05 War in Our Daily Lives

Jessi Kirby, In Honor, Courtesy of Simon & Schuster

Corrine Jackson, If I Lie, Courtesy of Simon Pulse

E.M. Kokie, Personal Effects, Courtesy of Candlewick

Trish Dollar, Something Like Normal, Courtesy of Bloomsbury

Chaired by: Sean Kottke, The Robert B. Miller College, Battle Creek, MI

2:05-2:40 Tender Tellings

Kate Ellison, Butterfly Clues, Courtesy of Egmont

Jo Knowles, See You at Harry’s, Courtesy of Candlewick

Blue Balliett, Hold Fast, Courtesy of Scholastic

Susan Vaught, Freaks Like Us, Courtesy of Bloomsbury

Chaired by: Shannon Collins, Corner Stone Middle School,

Cookeville, TN

2:40-2:42 Sonya Sones, Poet, Courtesy of Simon and Schuster

2:40-3:40 Author Breakouts

1.Issues on Social Justice

Ann Angel, chair, Courtesy of Abrams

Varian Johnson, Courtesy of Random House Children’s Books

Peter Marino, Courtesy of Holiday House

J.L. Powers, Courtesy of Cinco Puntos

2. Writing for the Child in the Mirror

David Macinnis Gill, chair, Courtesy of HarperCollins

Robin Wasserman, Courtesy of Random House Children’s Books

Alan Gratz, Courtesy of Scholastic

Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Courtesy of Egmont

3. Why Teens Love Science Fiction

Mary Arnold, chair, Public Services Supervisor, Maple Heights Library, OH

Isamu Fukui, Courtesy of TOR

Mary Pearson, Courtesy of HenryHolt/Macmillian

Alaya Dawn Johnson, Courtesy of Scholastic

4. Adverb Fight Club: Strengthening Writing through Critique

JJ Johnson, chair, Courtesy of Peachtree

Stephen Messner, Random House Children’s Books

John Claude Bemis, Random House Children’s Books

Jennifer Harrod, card-carrying member, Adverb Fight Club

5. Creating Ripples: Writing for Kids in the Middle

Kate Messner chair, Courtesy of Scholastic and Walker/Bloomsbury

Blue Balliett, Courtesy of Scholastic

Jody Feldman, Courtesy of HarperCollins

Rebecca Stead, Courtesy of Random House Children’s Books Children’s Books

Jo Knowles, Courtesy of Candlewick

6. Religion: The Last Taboo of YA Literature

Francisco X. Stork chair, Courtesy of AAL/Scholastic

Donna Freitas, Courtesy of Knopf

Deborah Heiligman, Courtesy of Random House Children’s Books

7. Questioning Why LGBTQ is Absent in ELA Classrooms

Joan Kaywell, co-chair, University of South Florida, Tampa. FL

Paula Taylor-Greathouse, co-chair, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

Catherine Ryan Hyde, Courtesy of Random House Children’s Books Steve Brezenoff, Courtesy of Carolrhoda LAB/Lerner Publishing

8. In My Own Mirror

Lynne Alvine, chair, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA I do not know why it is spacing like this!!

Sharon G. Flake, Courtesy of Scholastic

Lisa Luedeke, Courtesy of Simon and Schuster

9.Smells Like Teen Spirit--Teenage Angst and Alienation in Realistic YA Fiction

Steve Bickmore, chair, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Kate Youngblood, co-chair, Louisiana State University

David Levithan, Courtesy of Random House Children’s Books

3:45-3:50 The Handing Over

-cj Bott ALAN President 2012

Jeff Kaplan, ALAN President 2013

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