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More about banning books

Following up on yesterday's post, here are the books that were restricted in Texas schools during 2011. See if you can hazard a guess as to why. Some are fairly obvious (I have seen enough of the challneges to anticipate which books will get hit) and some are still a mystery to me.

List of Restricted Books

Restricted to Readers Based on Age, Reading Level, Parental Permission, etc.

Harry G. Allard, Jr.
The Stupids Die
Libba Bray
Going Bovine
Marc Brown
Buster’s Sugartime
Matt Christopher
Tight End
G. Clive
Suzanne Collins
Hunger Games
Natasha Friend
Alison Cragin Herzig and
Jane Lawrence Mali
The Ten-Speed Babysitter
Aldous Huxley
Brave New World
A.M. Jenkins
Subcommandante Marcos
The Story of Colors
Merriam-Webster’s Visual Dictionary
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Dangerously Alice
Sonya Sones
What My Mother Doesn’t Know
R. L. Stine
Stay Out of the Basement
SVE Media
Visit into the Daily Lives of Muslim Teenagers (Video/Book)
Barbara Taylor
Everything You Need To Know
About AIDS
Richard Uhlig
Boy Minus Girl
Judith Vigna
My Sister Takes Drugs
Larry Watson
Montana 1948
Scott Zecsh
The Captured
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