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More library love

Taylor Mali has a wonderful poem entitled "What Teachers Make." I do not have the talent even to begin to try my hand at using it as a model for a poetic tribute to librarians. But I will tell you what I have had the honor of seeing librarians make over the years.

Librarians help build readers. They offer not only books but programs, activities, and advisories for kids (and grown ups, too). They offer homework help, a safe place for kids after school. Librarians find that just right book. They involve kids on boards to guide library outreach and services.

They build collections that not only support curriculum (school) but reflect their patrons. In a time of tremendous cuts to budgets, librarians use what little they have to build strong collections.

They go beyond that, though, to help patrons reach beyond where they are. Libraries need to be mirrors and windows. Good libraries do not have books that are easy. As a matter of fact, good libraries have something in the collection to offend everyone. And good librarians know just when to offer the books that "dare to disturb the universe."

I have been so fortunate to know and work with fabulous librarians. I have loved working in a library science department and learning what it is that librarians do and make.

In this time of CCSS and testing and more, the librarian can be your best friend. Ask your librarian to help. Most of them are waiting to be asked.
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