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Today is the beginning of the fall semester for me (it actually begins officially next week). I am 400 miles from home, in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. I have been coming here to offer FTF workshops for students for more than 20 years now. Our department has been offerings its MLS classes here longer than that. We go where the students are. And they are here, still, after all those years. This area continues to grow and thrive and need school librarians. And so I am here.

And I am nervous. Woke up during the night per usual thinking about what I would say today to the students who join me. Can I engage them? Will they laugh in the right places? What stories will touch them? What questions will they ask?Some things have changed over the years of my teaching, certainly. But the basics are still the same. It's me, some books (quite a lot of them actually), and talk. I love my job.

A final note: as I prepare for classes, BH is helping College Girl move into her dorm (how smart was I to schedule this class today?). Her room at home is one big stack of containers as she hauls her stuff back to her tiny room and starts her second year. When she hugged me goodbye yesterday, she reminded me she would see me this coming week (she goes to the university where I teach) so we could catch up then. Catching up to her means grocery shopping more than likely. So, the house will be quiet once again. We will have her room back for use. And I still get to see her weekly. Pretty good deal, I'd say.

Happy weekend, y'all.
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