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Greetings from Nashville where we will all congregate under the biodome that is Opryland for NCTE this week and next. It took most of the day to get here and to get to my hotel which is, thankfully, NOT under the biodome but a mile down the road where there is fresh air and a lack of plastic snowflakes.

I read Christopher Paul Curtis' forthcoming book, MR. CHICKEE'S MESSY MISSION, another installment in the Flint Future Detectives series (this is book #2). I laughed so hard in places that other passengers were looking at me to see if perhaps I was getting something they were not. (for the record, pretzels and Diet Coke was the fare offered this faternoon). Curtis has written an uproariously funny and action-packed adventure. Russell, Steven, and newly elected President of the FFD, Richelle, go on the case tracking the disappearance of Russell's pocket pooch, Rodney Rodent. According to Russell, Rodney has disappeared into a scary mural outside of the local hamburger stand. Richelle, Russell, and Steven find themselves on the other side of the mural in their pursuit of Rodney in a place called Ourside (as opposed to Yourside where the adventure begins). Mr. Chickee is there and he is accompanied by more than a few familiar faces. Well, the faces will be familiar to the well-read. There is an ill-disguised Mum of Hairy Plodder and an adventurous author who rides a sled pulled by dogs (gee, who could that be?).

Russell, Richelle, and Steven must survive a surly guide, behemoth monsters, and other dangers in order to rescue Rodney and save Ourside from total annihilation. There are some subtle jokes (for us older adolescents) and some flat out silly slapstick along with an elaborate and absorbing story. Already I am salivating for the next installment!

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