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In the words of one of my favorite new YA characters, I am positutely going to talk a bit here about developing those model framework literature pieces. According to CCSS and PARCC, each quarter should contain 3-5 short texts and 1 longer and complex text. So, as I was driving in to the office this morning, I thought about this one for upper middle or lower high school.

JAKE REINVENTED by Gordon Korman as the longer text. (this is a modern retelling of the Gatsby story)

Shorter texts:
passage from FITZ, a new YA novel in which Gatsby plays an important role
passage from THE GREAT GATSBY
passage from ZELDA (biography of F Scott Fitzgerald's wife)
excerpt from "The Wasteland"
iPad app for "The Wasteland"
clippings from newspapers in the Roaring 20s
snippets of movies made based on Gatsby

As much as I would like to think this is what CCSS has envisioned for a "unit," though, when I look here, I do not see the kind of thinking I am doing.

This is from PARCC (and please do note the typo in the title of the piece to be studied). What am I missing here? I am reading all manner of posts defending CCSS; ostensibly PARCC is supposed to assist teachers in developing curriculum that supports the standards. But when I look at this "assessment," I am not looking at quality instruction in literature (informational or otherwise).

So, I elect to post from time to time some thoughts about building model frameworks as they occur to me. When I read, you see, I make these connections naturally. But I cannot stop at 3-5 short texts. I think adding in technology and other media enhances this type of framework as well. I can come up with literally dozens of connections. I like giving kids choice. I like allowing them to come up with the connections, too.

I am still working through all of this, reading as much as I can from all sorts of outlets. I can work with standards without any problem. The question is, will teachers have this latitude? That remains to be seen as CCSS states implement and PARCC offers assessments.
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