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T is also for Twitter

It was a glorious day yesterday in Anchorage. Though I spent most of it inside, The wall opposite me was windowed and I watched clouds roll in, settle for a while in the mountain tops, and then drift off once more. I also had the privilege of spending the day with some energetic and wise school librarians. The day was spent in celebration of books and reading and getting those just right books into the hands of kids.

I set up a back channel ( (and thanks, Donalyn for giving me this tip) so that folks could make comments, ask questions, etc. during our day together. At one point I talked about Twitter and tweet ups including my favorite #titletalk with Donalyn Miller and Colby Sharp. We talked about it right before lunch. As I checked the back channel, I saw a request to discuss how to participate in this type of activity. I think that because I have been out there on Twitter for a long time that everyone knows about it and its potential. Wrong assumption. So, after lunch we spent some time on Twitter (and thanks to all of you who gave us a shout out) talking about #titlewave and #yalsaprez and #radv.

Now, how does this come back to our usual posting about kids? I saw on Twitter today a posting that indicated more teens are coming to Twitter than Facebook because Twitter allows for better privacy settings. How can we get our schools to permit use of Twitter? How can we use Twitter in classes?

No answers from me today. I am heading out to enjoy this lovely city instead. But feel free to leave some suggestions here. Better yet, post them to Twitter using this hashtag: #twitterideas.
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