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Take 2 aspirin and check in tomorrow

Just got back in from 3 hour dinner with the incredible Donalyn Miller, aka THE BOOK WHISPERER. I am heading to bed with my mind still whirling with ideas we generated tonight. So, check in later tomorrow for B Is for Belonging. In the meantime, read something, listen to a book, read aloud to a loved one.

I sat in my car listening to the final tracks of BREADCRUMBS, cheering for Hazel and Jack, urging them home. I am reminded once more of the power a book has to draw me in and hold me close. I am transported and transformed (guess this might be the start to my T Is For...entry). For now, I need to rest my eyes, my typing fingers, and my brain.

I hope everyone is fortunate enough to have folks like Donalyn in their lives. I am so grateful for her passion and enthusiasm.mand next week, we get to spend an entire day together presenting a workshop. Giddy with anticipation. Good night for now, friends.
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