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I just got back from dinner with Gary Paulsen, a dirty job but someone has to do it. Gary and Marc Brown spent the day on our campus at our annual book festival and wowed the crowd and signed thousands of books. Now all that is left to do is take Gary to the airport in the morning so he can go back to his beloved sled dogs and Alaska where he is preparing for another run at the Iditarod.

Last night, I could not sleep and so read BURIED by Robin MacCready. Here is what I wrote late last night and could not post:

Claudine has become accustomed to being the adult in the family. Her mother is an alcoholic. Claudine’s earliest memories are of cleaning up after her mother and friends. Now Mom is gone again, off with someone perhaps and who knows for how long. Claudine does her best to clean up the traces of the last party. She tells her friend Liz and her AA support group that her mother is in rehab. The truth is much more frightening, so scary that even Claudine cannot admit it to herself. She buries herself in cleaning every trace of her mother’s disease from the house. Claudine’s obsession with cleanliness even overtakes her commitment to school and a possible scholarship that will take her away from home.

Robin MacCready has created a compelling story, one that pulls the reader into Claudine’s life with an immediate urgency. Claudine’s experiences with an alcoholic parent are similar to those of others in her group, confirming to readers that children of alcoholics need to learn how to cope with the behavior of parents they love and yet who are caught in the throes of addiction.

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