professornana (professornana) wrote,

color everywhere

MONET PAINTS A DAY by Julie Dannenberg with illustrations by Caitlin Heimerl (Charlesbridge 2012) gives young readers a chance to meet Impressionist painter Monet as he travels across the countryside painting outdoors. Using snippets from his letters and journals, Dannenberg shows the process Monet used in his painting. Appendices give more information about the techniques of the Impressionist painters and more about Monet's life. <327>

MONKEY COLORS by Darrin Lunde with illustrations by Patricia Wynne (Charlesbrisge 2012) is a nonfiction book about the various colors and color combinations of monkeys. Simple text shows monkeys of all hues, and an appendix provides more information about each type of monkey in the book. <328>
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