professornana (professornana) wrote,

Jo Schmo

DINOS ARE FOREVER by Greg Tine (Harcourt, July 2012) introduces readers to the newest superhero: Jo Schmo. When her uncle sends her a cape and an instruction book for superheroes, Jo is puzzled. Soon, though, she is hunting down criminals assisted by her slobbery sidekick, Raymond. Great good humor, an unusual sidekick, and a sometime dotty grandfather add to the funny business. In order for Jo to fly, for instance, she is told to think lofty. Turns out that sponge cake is the Key to thinking lofty. Art by Frank Dormer adds to the hilarity. <319>

WYATT BURP RIDES AGAIN (Harcourt, July 2012) is the second adventure of Jo Schmo. This time Jo has to travel back to time to undo the dastardly deeds of Wyatt Burp. Jo, handy with tools and tinkering, travels back with her slobbery sidekick, Raymond, to apprehend the criminal (and perhaps change history). Meanwhile, back in real time, two of Jo's classmates plan to bring her down. <320>
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