professornana (professornana) wrote,

I Hunt Killers


How do you move on with your life after your father is arrested as the killer of 123 victims? In I HUNT KILLERS (Little Brown 2012), Barry Lyga gives readers an interesting and complex protagonist in the person of Jazz Dent, son of Billy Dent, a notorious serial killer. Jazz grew up under his father's tutelage, and has horrific memories of his father's careful training in the art of dismemberment, staging of bodies, and stalking potential victims. Even after his father is imprisoned, Jazz' life is filled with the curiosity seekers and media who are consumed with the mythos of Billy Dent. And now, in Jazz' quiet little community, a body has been found. And then another murder occurs. Jazz is certain there is a copycat out there, one who is patiently reenacting his father's work. Who is the Impressionist? Can he be captured before he moves on to his next victim. Blood, guts, gore, and a convoluted mystery are at the core of Lyga's novel. Lyga gets inside the head of a teen whose life has been horribly twisted and yet is struggling to remain sane and overcome the trauma of his childhood. Seriously creepy, here is a book that will cause some serious shudders. en-gross-ing. <318>
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