professornana (professornana) wrote,

Power of Words, Power of Silence

TAKE WHAT YOU CAN CARRY by Kevin C. Pyle (Holt 2012) demonstrates once again the power of the GN format. Pyle tells two separate stories that merge in this GN. In textless sepia tones, readers watch as a family of Japanese-Americans are rounded up following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. They watch their story unfold as they are sent to "relocation centers" and have to manage to survive with very little in terms of foo or shelter. The second story, told in black and white with washes of pale blue is the story of a teen who has moved to a new neighborhood and is struggling to make new friends. Kyle becomes a bit of a risk taker and before long is stealing small things from a local convenience store. Here is where the stories merge. What Pyle is able to accomplish with minimal color and minimal text truly demonstrates his genius. Refer kids to other Pyle books, especially BLIND SPOT. For more on the Japanese internment, direct them to books such as FAREWELL TO MANZANAR, ONLY WHAT WE COULD CARRY, and BASEBALL SAVED US among others. <315>
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