professornana (professornana) wrote,

Capture the Flag!

Kate Messner provides readers with a fast paced mystery in CAPTURE THE FLAG (Scholastic, July 2012). Three kids are bored at a Washington DC reception attended by their parents. Little do they suspect that they will be embroiled in a mystery the following day as they wait for grounded flights to take off. Nor do they know initially that there is a thread that connects all three. Anna, Jose, and Henry are all children of parents who are members of an elite group known as the Jaguar Society, a group dedicated to the safety of works of art. Now that the first flag has been stolen from the DC museum the three kids attended the evening before, Anna, Jose, and Henry know they must help solve this crime. Interesting, classic mystery complete with red herrings, this is a book that should appeal to lots of readers who love a good mystery. <309>
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