professornana (professornana) wrote,


BRENDAN BUCKLEY'S SIXTH GRADE EXPERIMENT by Sundee T. Frazier (Delacorte 2012) is the sequel to BRENDAN BUCKLEY'S UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING IN IT. Brendan is in 6th grade now and a budding geologist. He keeps a log of all that he observes in his day to day life. And when he has the chance to enter a science competition, he jumps at the chance to explore the possibilities that cow manure might serve as an alternative fuel. He is paired with the new girl, Morgan, who has a crush on him. Brendan is uncertain about his own feelings, but Morgan is as scientifically inclined as he is. So, the experiment begins. What could possibly go wrong? Lots of great good humor here. Brendan has a wonderfully warm family who supports his curiosity about the world around him. <308>
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