professornana (professornana) wrote,

animal fare

ALL THE AWAKE ANIMALS ARE ALMOST ASLEEP by Crescent Dragonwagon with illustrations by David McPhail (Little Brown 2012)

Letter by letter
Follow the animals as
They all fall asleep.


BLACK DOG by Levi Pinfold. (templar Books 2012)

Black dog Black dog does not scare
Small who knows how to bring him
To perfect pet size.


HIDE AND SEEK by Il Sung Na (Knopf 2012)

Animals play games
Such as jungle hide and seek
Chameleon is best.


Mario the squirrel
And his pal Isabelle teach
Each other new moves.


OLLE AND MOON: FUHGEDDABOUDIT! by Diane Krendenson (Random House 2012)

Ollie and Moon tour
New York City from one end
To the other end.

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