professornana (professornana) wrote,

things that go bump in the night

THE SCARY PLACES MAP BOOK: SEVEN TERRIFYING TOURS by B.G. Hennessy with illustrations by Erwin Madrid (Candlewick Press 2012) transports readers to the land of mythical monsters, the western terror-tories and other ghostly places. Along the way, readers are asked if they can spot hidden objects as well. Visual acuity is only one skill needed to navigate these tours. <275>

Grouch, Grumpy, and Little Gloom n Doom build THE MONSTERS' MONSTER in Patrick McDonnell's latest book (Little Brown 2012). Their creation, however, is not quite what these nasty little monsters intended. He is kind and generous and he giggles! Can the monsters' monster help tame the little terrors? <276>

BIG MEAN MIKE (Candlewick 2012) loves his car. When he discovers a little bunny in the trunk, he quickly places it on the sidewalk and hauls off. However, the bunnies seem to multiply and appear in his glove box and even under his front seat. Michelle Knudsen shows the softer side of a big mean Mike and the illustrations by Scott Magoon add to the hilarity. <277>

How can you get a little ghost to go to sleep when he is not tired? In BEDTIME FOR BOO by Mickie Matheis with illustrations by Bonnie Lieck, Mother instructs Boo to listen to the sounds of the house at night. The thunder and howling and hissing all lull him to sleep. <278>
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