professornana (professornana) wrote,

Nonfiction hits

A BUTTERFLY'S LIFE by Ellen Lawrence (Bearport 2012) is part of the Animal Diaries Life Cycles series. It begins with an adult butterfly laying eggs and follows the transition to caterpillar to chrysalis and finally butterfly. Each double page spread contains facts about the butterfly in its various forms. Readers are also encouraged to interact with text by measuring objects, creating butterfly gardens, and more. <268>

DOLPHINS IN THE NAVY by Meish Goldish (Bearport 2012) demonstrates how dolphins (and other mammals) are being used to help spot mines in the water and other threats to the Navy ships. The care and handling and training of the dolphins is included as well as a word or two about the controversy of using mammals in this fashion. Nice and well rounded reporting makes this a good introduction for kids. <269>

Many kids will already know the exploits of the subject of the Basketball Heroes series. KEVIN DURANT by Michael Sandler (Bearport 2012) helped his team, the Oklahoma Thunder win the Western Conference Semifinals last year. This short biography follows Kevin from childhood into adolescence and ultimately, the NBA. <270>
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