professornana (professornana) wrote,

finding a way

WINTERLING by Sarah Prineas (HarperCollins 2012) combines between world travel, coming of age, magic, and mythology seamlessly. Fer (short for Jennifer) loves living with her Grand-Jane, a herbalist. Fer has learned much about healing with herbs from her grandmother. However, she still longs to know more about her parents, both dead. When she attempts to rescue a shapeshifter, she tumbles into a portal to the other realm, the one where her parents died. Rook is under the command of The lady, someone who uses glamor to trick people into doing what she wants. The Lady claims to have been a close friend of Fer's mother and asks Fer for her help in bringing spring back to the land. Though Fer senses something is not quite as it seems, she agrees to work with The Lady whose glamor does not work fully on Fer. Perhaps Fer will find a way to help the people enslaved by The Lady and return the land to its fullness. Tie this to CINDER, THE FLINT HEART, and other tales of magic, lore, and nature. <257>
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