professornana (professornana) wrote,

Fake Mustache

Tom Angleberger ups the funny ante in FAKE MUSTACHE (Amulet/Abrams,May 2012). His homage to the antics of Daniel Pinkwater is subtitled HOW JODIE O'RODEO AND HER WONDER HORSE (AND SOME NERDY KID) SAVED THE U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION FROM A MAD GENIUS CRIMINAL MASTERMIND. This wild romp introduces readers to Lenny and his best friend Casper. Casper borrows $10 from Lenny to purchase the incredibly realistic Heidelberg Handlebar #7 mustache. Before you know it, there are major crimes happening in Lenny's town, all conducted by a mustachioed mastermind. Lenny suspects Casper is somehow involved, but how could his nerdy best friend suddenly be pulling off elaborate crimes? With the help of teenaged cowgirl and former star, Jodie O'Rodeo, Lenny sets out to set the record straight. Fans of Angleberger's Origami Yoda books will love this zany caper mystery with perhaps a hint of a romance. <253>
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