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BECAUSE AMELIA SMILED by David Ezra Stein (Candlewick Press 2012) relates a chain of events that all began because Amelia smiled. Colored pencil illustrations being depth to the simple story depicting the chain of events with humor and, as needed, pathos. <241>

BACKSEAT A-B-SEE by Maria van Lieshout (Chronicle Books 2012) is an alphabet book all about road signs. A is for "A" is for airport and "S" is for Stop. Perfect for sharing right before a road trip so that everyone can play along. <242>

FIRE! FUEGO! BRAVE BOMBEROS by Susan Middleton Elya with illustrations by Dan Santat (Bloomsbury 2012) takes readers into the lives of brave firefighters. In text that fluctuates between English and Spanish ("Helmets on, abrigos, botas."), readers will watch as the firefighters prepare to load up the truick and head off to fight fires. Endpapers show the beginning and end of a fireman's day. <243>

GUINEA PIG PARTY by Holly Surplice (Nosy Crow 2012) is a counting book where kids can count backward from 10 to 1 as guinea pigs enjoy a birthday party. Some pigs are lost from a conga line, others disappear one at a time during other party activities. However, all appear once more to make the party a success at the end. <244>

Anthony Browne takes on emotions in HOW DO YOU FEEL? (Candlewick Press 2012). A cheerful monkey dressed in denim overalls (shades of Corduroy). Color, size, placement on the page all help readers with visual clues to the particular emotion from confident to lonely to full. <245>
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