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It always an interesting confluence when books connect in my "need to be blogged" stack. I wonder if they migrate toward one another when I am not looking? Hmmm...

WATER SINGS BLUE: OCEAN POEMS by Kate Coombs with illustrations by Meilo So (Chronicle Books 2012) is a collection about a diverse assortment of creatures and features at the waterfront. Poems about whales and seagulls along with poems about tide pools and shipwrecks make for an interesting array of topics and forms and rhythms. <223>

SMALL BUNNY'S BLUE BLANKET by Tatyana Feeney (Knopf 2012) picks up the theme of blue and uses it for the color of a blanket that Baby Bunny loves. Mother believes the blanket will be even better once it is washed. Bunny disagrees and spends a lot of time getting the blanket back the way he likes, a trifle dirty and used, but perfect as a companion for all he does. <224>

How to connect? It is possible to talk about the blue colors and symbolism and associations we have with it even with young readers.
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