professornana (professornana) wrote,

Imagination at Work

THE BOY WHO CRIED ALIEN by Marilyn Singer with illustrations by Brian Biggs (Disney/Hyperion 2012) has a unique format that is part GN, part picture book. It tells the story of Larry the Liar, a boy known well for his prevarications (one of the synonyms for lies in the book). Larry introduces himself to the reader in several short verses. Meanwhile, an alien ship lands. The alien language seems inscrutable (though clever readers will figure it out and there is a key and direct translations at the back of the book). Larry tries to convince everyone about the aliens, but he has little luck. Eventually, Larry helps the aliens leave Earth and head toward home. <212>

AN AWESOME BOOK by Dallas Clayton is indeed awesome (Harper 2012). The tale is all about dreams (and tie this to Langston Hughes' poem, too) and the importance of having big, even unrealistic, dreams. It is told as it were to a child at bedtime. If no one dreams big, how will we ever make any of them come true. Love the idea of a dream-etery where dreams go to die. Here is a book that should appeal as much to adult readers as to kids. <213>

We are all familiar with the old rhyme about what girls and boys are made of. However, this book gives us a new perspective at least when it comes to boys. WHAT LITTLE BOYS ARE MADE OF by Robert Neubecker are things like wings and tails and dragon scales, rocket ship to Mars, AND sugar and spice and everything nice, too. <214>
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