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good flight and good books

The flight from the Big Apple back to Texas was uneventful (thankfully) but made longer by the airline that keeps us parked at the gate 30 minutes after scheduled departure time so they can fill seats. Somehow I had managed to take just the right amount of reading material on board and so sat contentedly (if not a bit cramped) and read two lovely books.

Fellow blogger and author Laura Ruby has a winner with GOOD GIRLS. As soon as I saw the book I wanted to snatch it up. I LOVE the cover! And the inside does not disappoint. Audrey's reputation as a brainiac takes a turn for the worse when someone takes a photo of her and Luke in a compromising position at a party. The photo travels from cell phone to computer and soon everyone has seen the picture, even Audrey's parents. At school, Audrey is besieged by taunts, innuendos, and unwanted attention. Audrey refuses to crawl into a hole and become invisible. Instead, she joins with the other "bad" girls and tries to complete her senior year activities with some dignity.

Sharply drawn characters, on target dialog, and some unexpected twists and turns ensures that this book is not a "Movie of the Week" take on issues like sex and privacy invasion. The story travels back and forth in time, giving readers a more complete "picture" of Audrey and her friends and her relationships with friends, with Luke, and with her parents.

GOOD GIRLS is sure to please YAs searching for books that tell the truth without preaching a moral. Never heavy handed, never didactic: this is a story that is absorbing. It is nice to come to the end of a book and want to know more and read more about the people who live off the pages of the story.

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