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23 April 2012 @ 11:07 am
Hitting the funny bone  
Too often YA is criticized for being dark and intense. Here are two books that counter that charge nicely and show there are books out there to tickle the funny bone.

MATTHEW MEETS THE MAN by Travis Nichols (Roaring Brook Press 2012)is the story of hapless high school student, Matt. Matt plays trumpet in the marching band (could he be more geeky, he wonders). What Matt wants to do is play drums. Of course, that would mean having the cash to buy a drum kit, which is so not gonna happen right now. But Matt is determined to get the drums and win the girl. The short chapters and laughs aplenty make this book a good choice for all readers, but especially for some of the more reluctant readers out there. <203>

Gary Paulsen continues the adventures of Kevin Spencer in CRUSH (Wendy Lamb Books, May 2012). You might recall Kev and his pals from LIAR, LIAR or FLAT BROKE. Kev is back for his turn at perhaps finding true love. He decides to use the scientific approach to discovering how to win the heart of Tina, a beautiful girl he can barely say HELLO to in the halls of the school. This is a stand alone book. However, once readers enter into Kev's world, they will want to read the companion novels as well. Also point them to THE SCHERNOFF DISCOVERIES and HARRIS AND ME for no-fail humor as only Paulsen can write. <204>