professornana (professornana) wrote,


WHATEVER: FAIREST OF ALL by Sarah Mlynoski (Scholastic, May 2012) is more than a retelling or variant of Snow White. When Jonah takes Abby into the basement of their new house because the mirror down there is hissing, Abby is not prepared for what happens next. Jonah knocks on the mirror (three times, mind you) and the two are transported into the story of Snow White. They intervene and prevent the wicked queen from poisoning Snow. Unfortunately, as Abby soon realizes, they have also kept Snow from meeting her prince. As Abby and Jonah attempt to set things aright, the complications keep on coming. If readers have not encountered the original tale (especially the Grimm version), they will want to know more. Point them to some of the other variations as well including SNOW WHITE IN NEW YORK and this wonderful document with many others: <200>
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