professornana (professornana) wrote,

revisiting an old friend

THE HUMMING ROOM by Ellen Potter (Feiwel and Friends 2012) was inspired by THE SECRET GARDEN. While the book might have its roots (pun intended) in the classic, it is wholly its own modern day classic. When Roo is sent to live with her reclusive uncle following the death of her father, she is shuttered away from almost everyone. Her uncle is not to be disturbed when he is even present; Roo is forbidden to explore parts of the old house in which she now lives. Of course Roo is quick to break all the rules. In doing so, she discovers a new friend, a nephew who has been hidden away, and a glorious garden now in ruins. Potter has created a wonderfully resilient heroine in Roo. Only Roo would be brave enough to have discovered all of the wonders lurking beneath something that appears to be lifeless. Warm, wise, witty: explore the world created in THE HUMMING ROOM. <199>
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