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nonfiction in many guises

100 SCARIEST THINGS ON THE PLANET by Anna Claybourne (Scholastic 2012) is part of the series that also includes the 100 MOST DISGUSTING THINGS ON THE PLANET. You know this type of book: great for browsing for lots of gross facts to share with others. Among the scary things in this volume are snakes, pot holes (360 feet deep), roads that are crumbling and twisting and zigzagging (there are several), and haunted houses (many exist around the world). Kids will love exploring the scary facts. <187>

MY BODY by Andrea Pinnington and Penny Lampnell (Scholastic 2012) is part of the new Discover More series. Interesting nonfiction (at three separate levels ranging from elementary to high school) is presented with colorful photographs and clear graphics and visual aids. Additionally, there is a free download book that accompanies this one. The downloaded book contains lots of activities. <188>

HOW TO SURVIVE ANYTHING: BOYS ONLY by Martin Oliver with illustrations by Simon Ecob is a slim colorful exploration of disasters and what to do if faced with one of them. Presented in comic book layout and episodes, the dangers range from avalanches to croc attacks to tornadoes. Never a dull moment as the book moves from one potential disaster to the next at lightning speed. <189>

REMEMBERING THE TITANIC by Frida Wishinsky (Scholastic 2012) is a nonfiction easy reader, part of the Scholastic Reader series. The book opens with some background information about the Titanic and moves quickly through the events of that fateful encounter with the iceberg. It moves to contemporary time with mention of Bob Ballard's exploration of the wreckage in the late 1980s and some facts about the longest living survivor and other trivia. <190>
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