professornana (professornana) wrote,

Take Two, Please

BINK & GOLLIE: TWO FOR ONE (Candlewick Press, June 2012) by Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee with illustrations by Tony Fucile charms the reader from from its polka-dotted endpapers to its zany stories all set at a State Fair. The two unlikely friends, Bink of the yellow bedhead hair and Gollie of the Audrey Hepburn elegance, find much to amuse themselves at the fair including a Whack-a-Duck booth, a fortune teller, and a talent competition. The humor is frenetic at times, but it is also muted in others. This trio of creative folks have found the perfect combination of pathos, zaniness, and warmth. It's really no wonder when you consider that Kate used to dress up her poodle as a disco dancer, Alison once sank 111 free throws in a row, and Tony once taped his legs to a chair so he would not miss a deadline. Reward yourself and your students: share with them Bink & Gollie and their incredible friendship. <166>
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