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29 March 2012 @ 10:05 am

DINO PET (Imagine 2012) by Marc Sedaka is based on his father's song, "Calendar Girl." The books comes with a CD with three songs including the one in the title. A boy watches as his young dino grows and grows all to the refrain of "I love I love I love my little dinosaur pet" (and now I apologize for putting this lyric in your head for the day). Kids will love reading the book and then listening to the music that accompanies it. <154>

DANCING WITH DINOSAURS by Jane Clarke with illustrations by Lee Wildish (Imagine 2012) takes dinosaurs and puts them on a Dancing with the Stars sort of show. They all hope to wow the judges who seem to be disappearing one at a time. I wonder where the judges will end up? Tie this to the lovely poetry collection by Jane Yolen DINOSAUR DANCES. <155>