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JINX by J Torres (Archie Comics, April 2012) is the first GN series to be launched by Archie Comics. Its pedigree is clear as readers meet Jinx as she prepares for the dreaded high school years. Dreaded only after the first day when Jinx discovers a world of changes have taken place in the people she has known best throughout middle school. Romance, friendship, and other negotiations of high school are humorously explored in this GN. <142>

CHICK AND CHICKIE PLAY ALL DAY by Claude Ponti (Toon Books 2012) is another GN for very young readers. Follow Chick and Chickie as they play tickle fight, make monster masks that scare one another, and just generally have fun all day long.

ZIG AND WIKKI are back again, this time back on Earth. In ZIG AND WIKKI IN THE COW by Nadja Spiegelman and Trade Loeffler (Toon Books 2012), the two aliens visit Earth because Zig's fly appears to be homesick. The two end up losing their spaceship (in the stomach of a cow) and have interesting adventures on the farm. A bit of science with some goofy alien comedy. <144>
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