professornana (professornana) wrote,

famous pets

EMILY AND CARLO by Marty Rhodes Figley with illustrations by Catherine Stock (Charlesbridge 2012) is the story of Emily Dickinson and her beloved dog, Carlo. The two were often found walking on the grounds of her home each day. Emily hated to be separated from him and even wrote some poems about their relationship. Tie this to a study of her poetry and also to other picture books about the poet. <139?

BAMBINO AND MR. TWAIN by P. I. Maltbie with illustrations by Daniel Miyares (Charlesbridge 2012) celebrates another close pet/human relationship, this time Mark Twain's wife's cat Bambino. After the death of his wife, Twain became a recluse, nearly bedridden. It was only after Bambino was lost after darting after a bird, that Twain seemed to come to his senses and return to the world outside of his own grief. <140>
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