professornana (professornana) wrote,

quick takes and short tales

CAN I BRING WOOLLY TO THE LIBRARY MS. REEDER? by Lois Grambling with illustrations by Judy Love (Charlesbridge 2012) shows an energetic young boy who wants to bring his woolly mammoth to the library. Woolly can help with so many things at the library. But maybe there is a down side, too? <135>

PIG PIG MEETS THE LION by David McPhail (Charlesbridge 2012) is a comic story about an escaped lion and the pig whose house he breaks into. The story begins and ends on textless end papers. <136>

PERCY LISTENS UP by Stuart Murphy (Charlesbridge 2012)is part of the I SEE I LEARN SERIES. This one deals with social skills, especially the importance of listening. We need to listen for understanding, learning, and safety reasons. <137>

LEFT, RIGHT, EMMA! is also by Stuart Murphy and a part of the I SEE I LEARN SERIES from Charlesbridge. This time the focus is on cognitive skills, specifically telling left from right. <138>
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