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Sleuthing Around

Rig (Dad has called him Big Rig for years) lives with his mother. His sister, Karma (yes, their mother is a bit of a hippie), lived with his father after their parents divorced. Now, she is away at college. Rig has not heard from her for a long time. it seems Karma is just too busy with campus life. And then one night, Rig finds a web site devoted to his sister. it is full of photos, some from her teen years at the local high school, but also with photos apparently taken from outside her dorm room window. Rig feels as though something is wrong. He heads to see his Dad unannounced, convinced that someone is stalking his sister. Springer knows how to tell a good story and MY SISTER'S STALKER is no exception (Holiday House, May 2012). Reluctant readers who appreciate this book might also be directed to BLOOD TRAIL and other books by Nancy Springer. <126>
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