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Mentor Texts

WILL PRINCESS ISABEL EVER SAY PLEASE? by Steve Metzger with illustrations by Amanda Haley (Holiday House 2012) combines stories from familiar tales with a new twist. Princess Isabel never says please. Because of this, she misses her chance with Prince Charming and with other suitors. Will she ever learn to be polite? <120>

FOX TAILS: FOUR TALES FROM AESOP by Amy Lowry (Holiday House 2012) links four separate Aesop's fables featuring the fox into one story. The author references all four stories in her back matter. Might make for an interesting mentor text. <121>

COCK A DOODLE DOO. CREAK POP POP MOO by Jim Aylesworth with illustrations by Brad Sneed (Holiday House 2012) is terrific for teaching onomatopoeia. A day on the farm has tons of examples of words that make the sounds they describe. <122>
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