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Changing Seasons

SUMMER DAYS AND NIGHTS by Wong Herber Yee (Holt, April 2012) uses a question and answer format to follow a young girl and her family through the course of one glorious summer day. Soft colors sometimes blare to bold depending on the action within each frame of the story. Simple text, perfect to be shared aloud. <111>

Hurray for the Fourth of July and RED, WHITE, AND BOOM! by Lee Wardlaw with illustrations by Huy Voun Lee (Holt, May 2012). Collage illustrations invite readers to sip, slurp, and splash as we travel across the United States and celebrate America's Independence Day. There are many festivities planned including a fireworks display. How each group celebrates the Fourth gives testament to the melting pot we were born to become. <112>

PLANT A LITTLE SEED by Bonnie Christensen (Roaring Brook, May 2012) is a colorful celebration of planting, then watering, and (the hard part) waiting for the seed to sprout. Two children tend a garden until it is time to harvest the fruits of their labors and enjoy a family meal. <113>

AWESOME AUTUMN is subtitled FALL FACTS AND FUN. Author and illustrator Bruce Goldstone (Holt, August 2012) presents all of the changes that come with this change of season: days get shorter and nights get longer, clothes get warmer, leaves change color. Along the way, he sprinkles in facts like why leaves change color.
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