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I can't show you the cover, but Lubar has it posted at his web site, I'll bet ( For those of you who adored HIDDEN TALENTS (and there were many), Lubar has given us a sequel that lives up to the original, no small deed. TRUE TALENTS opens with Trash in some sort of institutional confinement. Drugged and dazed, he gradually becomes aware that he is being held prisoner by Bowdler, a former soldier turned mercenary, out to cash in on Trash's hidden talent. Trash manages to escape and reunite with his pals from Edgeview, all of them talented themselves. What follows is a romping great adventure with plenty of red herrings, twists, turns, and surprises (pardon the redundancy, but it is a maze of a plot). Lubar, the master of the comic and absurd, even manages to weave a few jokes and puns into the story. How wonderful it is to see the gang once again. TRUE TALENTS certainly reflects the incredible skills of the author whose new book is sure to win rave reviews from YA readers and their teachers and librarians. Thanks, David, for bringing us more of the story of these amazing kids.
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