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PETUNIA GOES WILD by Paul Schmid (Harper 2012) follows Petunia as she dreams of getting away from the baths and all the other "haftas" that come her way. She would rather be a pet than a child. Finally, she finds a way to solve her problems. <98>

LUCY CAN'T SLEEP by Amy Schwartz Roaring Brook, August 2012) shows Lucy trying everything she can think of to ease herself to sleep. She stands and stretches; she tries a midnight snack. Ultimately, she discovers that sitting on the porch with her bear and doll might just be the ticket. <99>

ISABELLA GIRL ON THE GO by Jennifer Fosberry with pictures by Mike Litwin (Sourcebooks 2012) follows the confident Isabella as she transforms the world around her into settings ripe for adventure. From the Great Wall of China to the pyramids and beyond, Isabella is indeed a girl on the go. <100>

FLABBERSMASHED ABOUT YOU by Rachel Vail with illustrations by Yumi Heo (Feiwel and Friends, July 2012) has my new favorite word in it: flabbersmashed. Katie and Jennifer have been best friends. But now Jennifer wants to hang out with someone else and a BOY to boot. Katie is flabbersmashed and all alone in the middle of the playground. How does one survive being flabbersmashed? <101
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